Winter’s cold, wet weather, long, dark nights and the countdown to Christmas – put off most people, when it comes to buying a car. However, Exchange and Mart advises that now is the ideal time to bag a bargain for those thinking about upgrading their car, and offers savvy buyers some advice on how to secure a December deal.

Although it might seem like a good time to buy a 4X4, Exchange and Mart warns that prices are likely to rise on these all-weather vehicles in winter, especially in bad weather. However, anyone looking ahead to summer cruising in a convertible could snag a hot deal on a cold day.

A convertible will be a better investment for car buyers at this time of year, as prices are at their lowest between now and Christmas. The problems of leaky roofs and draughty interiors are a thing of the past, thanks to modern engineering, making convertibles much more practical than they used to be. If you’re in the market for a convertible, Exchange and Mart recommends opting for an electric roof or folding hardtop, with the Audi A4, Mercedes CLK and BMW 3 Series being reliable and stylish models.

“It’s always worth knowing the best car deals for the time of year and winter definitely offers some opportunities for bargain hunters,” explains Lynn Clark, Brand Manager for Exchange and Mart. “As dealer forecourt traffic slows, with people focusing on Christmas shopping, car retailers are often more open to negotiation and last minute deals in a bid to hit end of year targets set by manufacturers. So don’t wait until the New Year in the hope of a January sale; car prices actually being to creep back up in January and February.

“Crucially, though, for those looking in the private market, winter car buying can present some additional challenges when it comes to viewing and test driving potential purchases. However, with due care and attention, and a little know-how, people can bag a bargain this winter.”