Zero Emission Mandate part of ‘war on the car’
Poor will subsidise the rich
Net Zero Watch is warning that the new ‘Zero Emission Mandate’ is just the latest in a series of blows that the political establishment has struck at motorists, and says it will not be the last.

The mandate, currently being debated in Parliament, will see car manufacturers fined £15,000 for each car they sell above a prescribed quota, but with the scheme allowing unsold quota to be sold to other companies in the market, the effect will be a huge transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Motoring journalist James Ruppert says:

“Rich people, who can afford a Tesla, will be heavily subsidised by poor people who can’t. It’s a shameful idea.”

Ruppert’s comments coincide with the publication of his new paper for Net Zero Watch. Entitled The War on the Car, it is a brief history of how the political establishment has tried to force ordinary people out of cars, using a variety of tricks, from low emissions zones, to ever reducing speed limits, to the ongoing attempts to irritate motorists with driver ‘aids’.

Net Zero Watch director Andrew Montford said:

“James Ruppert’s paper shows that the campaign to take away our cars is just part of wider struggles: the attritional war of decarbonisation, and behind it the guerilla campaign to take away our hard-won freedoms. The writing is on the wall.”

Free Car Mag, James Ruppert and Net Zero Watch

We are very happy to support the fine work of Net Zero Watch who are bringing the insane policies of the government to a wider audience. Indeed, just about every policy around the world seems to believe that taking away choice and imposing restrictions and mandates on how we live. Make sure you visit their website and download this article and share it widely.

The War on the Car can be downloaded here.