The Africa Rally is an adventurous, exciting and beautiful charity rally event starting in Sparrowhawk Lodge, by Hartbeespoort (South Africa), and ends to the west of Kisumu, on Lake Victoria in Kenya. The 4,200km event is taking place in July! Will we see you at the start line?

From Saturday 1st – Saturday 22nd July 2023, groups of people from around the world will be spending 3 weeks travelling and exploring the beautiful continent of Africa.

This is the ideal opportunity to experience the scenic beauty of Africa in a way unparalleled to any other experience. Participants are asked to raise money for charity and captain a vehicle of their choice! That’s right, you don’t need a 4×4 to explore Africa! A 1.6l Ford Cortina still going strong at over 800,000kms on the clock, can do the job!

The suggested routes are designed especially to cater for an authentic experience. With three suggested routes in total, the Africa Rally team are guaranteeing a journey of a lifetime! They include the possibility of seeing; Elephants in Botswana, Victoria Falls in Zambia and for those who love seafood, Paul especially recommends the fresh fish of the beaches in Malawi! Those are just a few of the many experiences you can look forward to.

If you’d like to find out more about the route, pricing and a preview of the stunning wildlife and landscapes you’ll see, please visit:

The team here at Africa Rally have been living these crazy adventures for over a decade! You can check out their FAQs page, and any other questions, please get in touch.