Now that Chris Evans has gone it is time to seriously reflect on just who should take the lead role on the programme, despite BBC denials that he will be replaced. At Free Car Mag we have been pretty consistent on this, what we need is a cartoon character.

We know that Chris Evans was quite cartoonish, but we want an even more colourful 2D character. We even put Lady Penelope and Parker on the cover of the mag to make the point way back in Issue.

Free Car Mag believes they might look a little to much like real people and get everyone fuming again. Instead it ought to be Dangermouse and his sidekick Penfold. Like Chris Evans they have a supercar, but unlike him they won’t shout. Also, Dangermouse is a superhero and Penfold is rather lovable. The rest of team are OK, although we would replace Sabine with Susie Wolff, retire Eddie Irvine and Matt Le Blanc can go home and will have sit com genius David Jason in his place. Now didn’t he have something to do with the original Dangermouse?

Let us know which cartoon character you would like to see on Top Gear.