The Alliance of British Drivers, The Motorcycle Action Group and Fair Fuel share all the important stories about motoring, the environment and politics whic affect us all on a day to day driving basis. Here are the headlines and the links you need to find out the truth.

Global Climate/ Social / Political Developments:

  1. Australian Bureau of Meteorology Forecasts Record-Warm Winter, Ignoring Data (& Cooking The Books):
  2. Yukon Snowpack Breaks Records; Early Snows Hit Australia’s Ski Fields; + It’s Still Snowing On Kilimanjaro; Al Gore Was Wrong (Again!):
  3. Alta Posts Rare Back-To-Back 600+ Inch Winters; Indian Army Rescues 80 Trapped By Spring Snowfall; Remarkable Antarctic Sea Ice Recovery; + NOAA confirm no direct CO2-temperature relationship:
  4. April Nor’Easter Drops Feet Of Snow; 600k Lose Power As ‘Spring’ Storm Batters Quebec; Scandinavia Breaks Historic Low Temperature Stretch; + Professor Exposes NASA’s ‘Massive Retrospective Temperature Adjustments’
  5. NASA/ NOAA ‘adjust’ historic temperatures colder to create a falsified, exaggerated warming trend:
  6. Sweden Sets Coldest April Temperature; Utah Snowpack At 132%, California Defies The ‘Experts’; Anchorage Only 6.3″ Away From All-Time Record; Swiss Avalanche Kills 3; + 35 Sunspots:
  7. March 2024 Sets New Global Temperature Anomaly Record – But It Must Be El Niño’s Last Gasp:
  8. Antarctica Dips Below -100°F; “Significant Spring Snowstorm” Takes Aim At Canada/Northern US; April Snow Builds Across Europe’s Higher Elevations; + Himalaya Road Clearing
  9. Unusually Cool March” In New Zealand; Antarctica Nears -100°F; Rare Spring Cold Grips NW China; Brits Priced Out Of Energy Market; Norway Freezes; +Another X-Flare:
  10. HTDS (Hunga Tonga Derangement/Denial Syndrome) is becoming firmly embedded in academia:
  11. World’s coal power capacity rises despite climate warnings:
  12. “The Energy Question” Ep.93 podcast, challenges faced by US domestic oil & natural gas producers:

  1. The beginning of the end of ‘ruinables’ – Florida First State to Ban Offshore Wind?:
  2. Biden Administration’s Insane Electric Truck Emissions Mandate Enacted:
  3. The Energy Realities Podcast: detailing the current state of the heavily-subsidized US BEV industry and where it will likely go from here:
  4. US BEV market crashes; & the Biden administration’s subsidised electric dreams with it:
  5. Americans Send Biden Unmistakable Reality Check About His BEV Push in New Poll:
  6. Volkswagen electric car sales plunge as Europe returns to petrol, 24pc BEV sales fall amid high energy prices and rollback of subsidies:
  7. The EV Bloodbath is Going Global: Tesla recently announced ↓20% Q1’24 US sales vs. Q4’23. Volkswagen European Q1 BEV sales ↓24%, while sales of petrol & diesel cars rose significantly:
  8. Tesla lays off more than 10% of its global electric vehicle workforce due to faltering BEV demand:
  9. Major new fuels should play a post 2035 role keeping ICEVs on the road, German Minister says:
  10. Eight US States Now Say Complete Ban on Gas-Powered New Car Sales Coming:
  11. D.C. Circuit upholds California Clean Air Act banning gas-engine cars. Supreme Court reversal likely:
  12. The International Energy Agency is now just another green activist campaign:
  13. SPR Will Not Be Refilled By This President: future widespread public energy poverty is “THE PLAN“:
  14. The U.S. Is A Natural Gas Superpower. Gas is a strategic, irreplaceable fuel for the U.S. and Europe:
  15. Read Dr. Niall McRae’s “Green in Tooth & Claw” for supporting evidence for the assertion that we, the populace, are being “played” by a cadre of very evil people:
  16. JP Morgan CEO Slams Calls to Stop Oil, Gas as ‘Enormously Naive’ He isn’t wrong:
  17. Ethiopian government passes a law banning the import of non-electric vehicles into the country!:
  18. Demented, irrational Swiss pensioners’ legal bid to control asylum; witchcraft prevails over science:
  19. ECHR rules governments MUST sacrifice more pensioners’ lives in Winter so a few are more comfortable in Summer
  20. EU may legislate to ban repairs on cars over 15 years old: based on ‘residual vehicle’ concept – vehicles over 15 years with faults affecting engine, gearbox, brakes, steering, chassis or bodywork.
  21. Germany’s Transport Minister threatens to ban weekend driving to meet climate goals:
  22. Conspiracy Theory? What Germany’s Government is Threatening Now:
  23. Mark Steyn @MarkSteynOnline On the Auto Ban:, #MarksMondayNotebook
  24. The Arctic Was Warmer In The 1920s + “We Have 2 Years To Save The World,”: says clown-show UN:
  25. Human quality of life has NEVER been better but WHO wants doctors and nurses to claim the opposite:
  26. Will Shell Pull Up Stakes Again? Every act of European politicians’ eco-insanity has European (un)employment consequences?:

Recent Local/ National Developments:

  1. Mandatory Speed Limiter fitment on ALL vehicles within months? Did YOU ask for this?:
  2. Sign the petition to repeal the insane 2008 Climate Change Act:
  3. EV Demand SLUMPS! Private Buyers Want Petrol Cars Instead:
  4. Government seeks to take control of your car by stealth:
  5. “I sold my electric car and went back to a diesel – I’d had enough”:
  6. Driving law proposals could see motorway speed limits raised to 100mph to ‘reduce congestion’:
  7. Sign the petition to raise UK motorway & dual-carriageway speed limits to more realistic levels:
  8. Major ULEZ update covering London ULEZ & Birmingham CAZ policies:
  9. “Liar! Liar! “Pants on Fire!” Khan denies Project Detroit’s existence 17 times:
  10. Durham & Darlington roads set to be maintained using reallocated HS2 funds. Damn’ right, too:
  11. Authoritarian interventions to impose behaviour change. Net Zero policies underpin damaging LTN, MRZ, ULEZ, LEZ & 20mph zone policies; Full Together Glasgow event here:
  12. New smart motorway rules could be introduced as government ‘does right thing’. Hmmm:
  13. End of BEV free ride in sight; while War against all personal private mobility intensifies:

Narrative Developments:

  1. Despite massive data falsification & obfuscation, ‘climate’ is increasingly a European small minority issue:
  2. Rishi Sunak told us the government needed to come clean about the cost of Net Zero. Still not happening:
  3. British politicians have rushed into an immensely significant [Net Zero] policy agenda with little detailed idea of its practical implications:
  4. Net Zero now threatens our national security: yet another example of lions being (mis)led by donkeys:
  5. Law of Unintended Consequences in action. In 15 out of 16 applications examined, plastic products actually make less greenhouse gasses than alternatives:
  6. “I sold my electric car and went back to a diesel – I’d had enough”:
  7. How Hertz’s bet on Tesla went horribly sideways” – share price bombs 74%, heads & roles roll:
  8. “Bad News for Tesla Highlights the Looming Bloodbath for the US Auto Industry:
  9. Apple cutting more than 600 jobs after abandoning its decade-long efforts at building a BEV:
  10. Have we mercifully surmounted peak EV? Never mind Tesla; BYD sales are also down:
  11. Buick Introduces a ‘Revolutionary’ New SUV:
  12. Nothing to See Here, Just Another Random Exploding EV (manufacturer?)
  13. “The Tyranny Of Oil” Revisited – Robert Bryce on EVs, energy density, and the miracle substance: Oil”:
  14. Sir John Redwood: “Nobody is buying into the Net Zero madness”:
  15. Wind/Solar/Alt-Energy Subsidies To Cost US Federal Taxpayers $425 Billion Between Now And 2033. No wonder energy costs are so high… in UK, for the same reason:
  16. The Coming Surge in Electric Power Demand is Real. The ruinables-obsessed UK political establishment is likely blithely ignorant of this colossal power generation elephant in the room:
  17. Broadcaster & journalist, Peter Hitchens, exposes Net Zero nonsense for being exactly that:
  18. Mr. Blobby” Gore’s Sea Level Rise Lies exposed for all to see:
  19. More arrant Mr Blobby (this time snowline retreat) nonsense:
  20. Rupert Darwall, on why he thinks the economics of environmentalism are even worse than Marxism:
  21. Thanks to Net Zero, U.K. energy prices are amongst the highest in the world, paying >5x more than China and 2x as much as the U.S. And it’s getting worse:
  22. Lunatic Chemtrail climate-tampering concept getting airtime again:
  23. And Playing God literally precipitates record-breaking rainfall in Tasmania:
  24. Bill Gates says ‘electricity unfortunately has to be reliable’. DUUUUHH!:
  25. MSM junk-science claim that global warming is both speeding up, &slowing down, Earth’s rotation!:
  26. Germany Regrets Disbanding Nuclear Plants. Mothballing/ decommissioning nuclear &/or CCGT capacity in favour of erratic, expensive, unreliable “ruinables” was always madness; now come home to roost:
  27. EU offers eFuel use exemptions to aviation & marine transport sectors, but NOT to automotive. More evidence of unvarnished EU hatred of individual freedom of personal mobility:

The Energy Transition Insanity Podcast: Truth-telling to economically & environmentally deaf-, dumb & blind politicians & influencers:

  1. “Charity” – Client Earth – using the law to circumvent democracy, against the public interest: