What is the greatest racing car ever made? That is the question that a trio of expert motoring fanatics will look to answer in the brand news series Three Men Four Wheels, coming soon to the new streaming service discovery+ PLUS READ OUR AMAZING INTERVIEW IN ISSUE 91 with the Three Men about their Four Wheels and so much more.

The discovery+ Original series will star Drew Pritchard, the hugely successful antiques dealer and star of Salvage Hunters, who also restores and deals in classic cars and bikes, Andy Jaye a broadcaster with a passion for motorsport, and professional British racing driver Marino Franchitti.

Each week Drew, Andy and Marino will get their hands on one of the most exciting classic racing cars on earth. Throughout the series, they’ll draw up their own ‘greatest hits’ list of the world’s finest motors ever to grace a racetrack. Fueled by passion, opinion and controversy, will they win one another over with their selection?

Motoring gems featured in the series include the legendary Stovebolt Special, a truly unique one-off car that launched racing legend Sir Stirling Moss’ career and was driven by film star Kirk Douglas in the 1955 film, The Racers. Drew, Andy and Marino also gain rare access to Ten Tenths, the private car collection of legendary Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. Plus, where cameras have never before filmed before, they access the Porsche Motorsport Garage which houses over £100m worth of cars.

THREE MEN FOUR WHEELS pours over every inch of these racing classics, with a good dose of history, a heap of banter and some breath-taking driving thrown in.

THREE MEN FOUR WHEELS available from January 2nd on discovery+ Make sure you catch our wonderful interview with the three men in Issue 91 out January 1st 2021