With 20 million motorists expected to hit the roads for the Easter weekend, Halfords is predicting a karaoke revival as sales of in-car audio gadgets soar by 42%.

Whether it’s Peppa Pig on loop, power ballads to power through the journey, or club classics to while away the hours, cars are likely to be filled with singalongs as the popularity of streaming compatible audio products that allow drivers to listen to their favourite music on their route grows.

Halfords reports sales of the latest smart audio products are up 42 percent YOY based on in store and online sales, and the retailer has attributed the trend, in part, to the popularity of shows like James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke and Peter Kay’s Car Share.

Jess Keeble, Halfords in-car audio and technology expert: “We’ve found that as James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke sessions have racked up millions of views, there has been a significant increase in sales of our Pioneer Android Auto and CarPlay units, suggesting that motorists are increasingly accessing music streaming services like Spotify and iTunes from the comfort of the driver’s seat.”

And what are we listening to? A recent poll by Halfords of over 4,000 people quizzed drivers on music tastes; pop music reigned supreme, followed by rock, classical and R&B. Welsh motorists in particular were the most partial to listening to rock music whilst on the roads.

The latest in-car audio systems allow motorists to use Siri or a touchscreen to quickly connect their Android or Apple platform to their car. Designed with ease of access in mind, they use a simple and intuitive interface and voice actions for minimal distraction, so users can sing and head-bop along to their favourite tunes whilst driving.

To get you ready for the road, Halfords has introduced an audio fitting service from just £30