New 2024 Series 12 of Car S.O.S (the car show with a heart!) begins on Thursday, 7th March 2024 at 8.00pm on the National Geographic Channel. See my exclusive interview with TV presenters Tim Shaw & Fuzz Townshend in this brilliant podcast! We talk about cars and episodes of the new series plus the important connections we have with our cars!


From grand tourers to hot hatches, from quirky motors to rare sports cars, the duo have now polished off an astonishing 120 cars over the years – that’s almost a car park full! And this season, they seem to have raised the bar once again. Each new episode features a unique, heart-warming, and inspiring story about an owner who truly deserves to have their cherished car restored to its prime condition. Leading the charge are parts-blagging car enthusiast Tim Shaw and master mechanic Fuzz Townshend with a few celebrity guest cameos along the way, including National Treasure Sir David Jason and Simply Red singing legend Mick Hucknall, with other names to be announced in the lead up to episodes airing.

Ep.1 Ford Pop Hot Rod – TX 7th March at 8pm

Ep.2 Datsun 240k Skyline (David Jason appears) – TX 14th March at 8pm

Ep. 3 BMW E30 Alpina – TX 21st March at 8pm Ep.

4 Ford Fiesta XR2i – TX 28th March at 8pm

Ep. 5 Honda CR-X – (celebrity appears – name TBA) TX 4th April at 8pm

Ep. 6 Citroen SM – TX 11th April at 8pm

TEN Episodes in total – those cars haven’t been revealed yet.


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