Although it was too late to change the main mag, Free Car Mag is in solidarity with the oppressed people of Canada and has a cover to celebrate their uprising. If you do not know about this major story, please see the attached videos and links.

Here is what Justin Trudeau has said about the protest, make your own mind up…

“We won’t give in to those who fly racist flags, we won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonour the memory of our veterans… There is no place in our country for threats, violence or hatred.”

He confirmed that he will not meet with this convoy of protestors.

“I have attend protests and rallies in the past when I agreed with the goals, when I supported the people expressing their concerns and their issues, Black Lives Matter is an excellent example of that, but I have also chosen to not go anywhere near protests that have expressed hateful rhetoric, violence towards fellow citizens and a disrespect, not just of science but of the frontline health workers, and quite frankly, the 90 per cent of truckers who have been doing the right thing to keep Canadians safe, to put food on our tables,” Trudeau said.

“There is always a right to protest peacefully that I and others will defend fully as part of this democracy. There is not a right to insight violence, to perform acts of violence or to spew hatred.”

The prime minister said that all individuals who have engaged in this behaviour over the past days “need to stop.”

“To anyone who joined the convoy but is rightly uncomfortable with the symbols of hatred and division on display, join with your fellow Canadians, be courageous and speak out,” Trudeau said.

“To the nearly 90 per cent of truckers across the country who have gotten vaccinated, who continue working hard to keep us fed and keep our economy moving, thank you… We have relied on you and you can rely on us to continue to stand with you and allow you to do your jobs safely.”