There’s a new book out by Free Car Mag editor and founder, that’s me by the way, which is about the old days.

It’s about the old days when looking for a car took some effort, plus there are some interviews I did with car dealers, politicians and silly celebs. Readers seem to like it, so maybe it isn’t that bad, apparently it is fun and informative.

Here is the blurb on the back of the book which might explain a bit more what it is all about,

Shopping for cars can be a full time job, well it was for me anyway. In the pre Interweb age it meant actually going to look at cars for sale. It meant talking to the blokes selling the cars face to face. You learned loads lot doing it that way. With the benefit of hindsight and a time machine, some cars look cheap now, but they could well have been pretty expensive then. Find out how I got sued by one of the ‘stars’ of the Italian Job, was told off by the Deputy Prime Minister, found out what the worst car Sir Ian Botham ever owned was, and that time I lent my car to Bjork. Plus there are excursions around the UK that includes buying a car in Scotland and posting it to to Japan. Also looking for Bangers in Northern Ireland whilst trying to avoid the troubles. Then there is Princess Diana’s Escort Ghia and the true origin of the word Bangernomics. There are Cop cars, Army surplus and even the true meaning of motoring life…

It is available from the evil Amz Empire of course, otherwise there might be some physical books on tyhe Bangernomics websit, but it is possible to get a fairly instant and cheaper £2.00 downloadable version from