Free Car Mag’s editor was given Lego Technic Defender on the occasion of a significant birthday by overly generous family members. However, because he is certainly inept and definitely lazy, it stayed in it’s box for a few years.

Luckily the Free Car Mag product tester staged an intervention to carry out a full construction and road test. Thanks then to Livy for taking the time and effort to actually put the model together.

According to Livy “It was straightforward, but it pays to be as methodical as you can. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you have every part and keep it safe.” Indeed, there was one part missing. One tiny brick. Livy got in touch with Lego customer service and they were incredibly helpful and popped it in the post. The build took a month or so, obviously not a full time job as there are products to be tested, but the result is certainly impressive. It has a five star reviews which is throughly deserved. Oh and just in case you wondered there are 2573 pieces and ideally you need to be 11+ to complete the model.
Unlike so many other models which seem to be just a little contrived and pointless, the breeze block proportions suit the Lego bricks perfectly. The idea ought to be that you could them to make something else, which was always the creative point of playing with Lego. However, these are for grown ups. Grown ups who possibly don’t have the space or permission for a real Defender, but this one isn’t half bad. The articulation of the suspension is particularly addictive. You can’t help pressing each corner and driving it over obstacles. Oh yes, you can drive it thanks to steering and the small wheel mounted on the roof.

If you want one, well just at the moment Lego have to decided to retire it from their range. Based on a 2019 Defender, apparently with assistance from Land Rover themselves. I am sure that it will come back one day, but for the moment Free Car Mag have to decide where it will go in the office. We are quite tempted to stick it to ceiling, or at some jaunty angle on the wall. When that’s done we will let you know. With a picture.

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