According to a recent research, by UK automotive retailer Peter Vardy, classic cars have come out on top as the nation’s favourite, beating their modern counterparts to the top spot by over 10% of the votes (57% to 43%).

The research also delved into the nation’s favourite car makes and models. Drivers’ top predictions for future classics included:

· Audi TT Mk1 – 50%
· Subaru Impreza – 43%
· Lotus Elise – 32%
· Mazda MX5 / Peugeot 205 GTI – 29%
· Golf GTI Mk3 / Jaguar S-Type / Porsche Boxster 986 – 25%
· Jaguar XK8 – 21%
· Mazda RX-8 / Alfa Romeo GTV / Mitsubishi Lancer Evo / Renault Clio V6 / Honda S2000 – 18%
· Rover 75 / Lotus Exige – 14%
· Alfa Romeo 156 / Saab 9000 – 11%
· Rover 220 Turbo Coupe – 7%
· Citroen XM – 6%

The research reported that it is the UK’s male population who are bigger fans of the classic car, with 64% of them opting for vintage over modern, whereas it was a much closer split amongst the female participants (51% to 49%).

Overall, the older generation were bigger advocates of classic models, and modern vehicles were the preference among the younger generations. However, those aged 25-34 seem to be sat on the fence an unable to make a firm choice, with a 50-50 split between the two options.

When broken down by city, residents of Norwich, Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds and London were most likely to favour the classic models of cars. At the other end of the spectrum, those in Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham all preferred more modern equivalents.

This preference for classic cars might also have something to do with the potential monetary returns that they could bring in the long run. 2016 data showed that numerous classic cars rose in value between 5-20%, proving that classic cars are still being treated as a potentially significant investment to motorists.

Full findings can be found here:

Claire Rogan, Digital Marketing Manager at Peter Vardy, said:

“Modern versus classic will always split opinion as there are so many factors to consider, but it’s interesting to see that classic cars claimed the crown in this research.

“The Audi TT MK1, Subaru Impreza and Lotus Elite are all beautiful vehicles, and it’s easy to see why they topped the list of potential future classics. However, the overall top 10 is extremely varied and includes something to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets.

“As is the case with any investment, knowing (or predicting) what to spend your money on ahead of the game can save you a great deal of money in the long run. Seeing the increases in values of current classic cars is undoubtedly a real draw for those willing to take the plunge.

“It will certainly be interesting to see which of the predictions do lay claim to their place as a ‘future classic’. There are definitely some great contenders included on the list – so watch this space!”