In case you wondered why our car national car industry has been undermined and destroyed, electricity vehicles have become the only acceptable way forward, and climate change is now a religion, one man explained how this would happen in 1984. Few listened.

Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov was a Soviet KGB officer who defected to Canada in 1970, calmly and patiently explained just how the West was being undermined without a shot being fired. Very few people listened and the evil Ruskies plan continued apace. Uploading an interview he gave in 1985 to that new fangled You Tube in the mid 2010s brought the late Bezmenov (he died in 1993) to prominence.

In exile he became an author under the name Tomas David Schuman questioning communism and celebrating freedom in the west. Interviewed by G.Edward Griffin in 1984, the encounter was entitled ‘Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press’ and was broadcast as a documentary. In the interview, Bezmenov explained the methods used by the KGB for the gradual subversion of the political system, mainly in the United States.
What became clear is that the KGB was not really concerned with the cloak and dagger secret squirrel spy stuff. No, the majority of time and money was spent playing the long game. So it was all about idealogical subversion, taking active measures and effectively conducting psychological warfare. Demoralise your enemy and change their minds. Make them believe the unbelievable, because that’s where we are now.
According to Besmenov, “What it basically means is: to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.”

Bezmenov described this process as “a great brainwashing” that has four basic stages. The first stage is called “demoralization” which takes from 15 to 20 years to achieve, the minimum number of years it takes to re-educate one generation of students that is normally exposed to the ideology of its country. That is why the climate change agenda is so high amongst school children who are constantly told that the end of the world is coming. This is endorsed by big business and their net zero obsession which is in line with government policy just about everywhere.
Bezmenov used the examples of 1960s hippies coming to positions of power in the 1980s in the government and businesses of America. That is certainly the case now with teachers, business leaders and politicians who have all been brainwashed, but what with?

Bezmenov 2 300x215 - Yuri Bezmenov predicted Demotorization in 1984 and the tyranny of woke

The United Nations Agenda 2030 is the roadmap to the end of our prosperous western lifestyle, as we know it and scrapping of the motorcar. According to the UN themselves, “This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom.” Its full title actually is ‘Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ and it came into effect in January 2016. The ‘Declaration’ agreed upon at the United Nations meeting in New York has 53 points.

If we pick out a couple we can see what’s going now. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts Less cars, that’s what this means. It is easy. Or at least getting everyone to change their cars for something that is electric, because they tell us that those will save the planet. The alternative is mass public transport, not perfect, but necessary to fight that nasty climate change.

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable The UN would much prefer it if everyone lived in densely packed, tightly controlled cities where we would be under twenty four hour surveillance. Easy to boss about and making sure that no one had any personal means of transportation would trap them in a ULEZ hell hole. That seems to be what they are creating right now. Doing the groundwork and making no exceptions for anyone who dares to live in rural areas.

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. What the UN want to do is demonise and also penalise the reliable and let’s face it, 100% organic, fuel sources that have served us so well for generations, coal, gas and oil. Fracking and we won’t go into any detail at all, is only controversial because the media says it should be. Meanwhile subsidies for ‘green’ energy solutions are readily funded by governments and that means tax payers. These are schemes that otherwise would not survive in a real world.

Bezmenov also explained why it was so difficult to persuade these people that they might be wrong.
“They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. You can not change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still can not change the basic perception and the logic of behaviour.

He went on, “As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore, a person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures; even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it, until he [gets] a kick in his fan-bottom. When a military boot crashes his balls then he will understand. But not before that.”

Once demoralization is completed, the second stage of ideological brainwashing is “destabilization”. During this two-to-five-year period, said Bezmenov, what matters is the targeting of essential structural elements of a nation: economy, foreign relations, and defence systems. That may explain just why the slavish devotion to net zero has meant that there is a lack of power infrastructure in the United Kingdom, no new reservoirs or nuclear power stations. The Green has done its job.

Indeed, the industrial heartland of this country and specifically the car industry was undermined by the Communist inspired union leaders in the 1970s. Don’t believe me? Read Ford Strike” by John Matthews, published in 1972 by Panther Press, a more right on version of Penguin. Not surprisingly, it’s a paperback about a strike at the Ford factory in Dagenham, which happened in 1971. It was written from the “workers” point of view.

Bezmanov 3 copy 231x300 - Yuri Bezmenov predicted Demotorization in 1984 and the tyranny of woke

There is much detail about the fairly petty grievances that led to mass walkouts and summed up the gulf between management and worker. Such as a convoluted scenarios that saw a foreman doing a material handler’s job: handling material obviously because the handler wouldn’t be doing any handling. Then the material handler refused to handle said material again, in protest at the unauthorised handling. He was suspended and everyone walked out.

Proof of union involvement with Soviet Russia is considerable. James Larkin Jones, known as Jack Jones, was a trade union leader and General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers’ Union. He was suspected of passing confidential information to the Communist Party. MI5 had a secret file on his activities and the KGB regarded him as an ‘agent’.

According to Christopher Andrew’s book, The Defence Of The Realm, the MI5 director general, Sir Martin Furnival Jones, was deeply suspicious of the union leader’s links with the Soviets. Since the 1940s he had taken money in exchange for information.
American owned Ford, might have survived but they no longer make cars in Britain, while every other manufacturer of volume cars has perished or has foreign control.

The third stage in this dastardly plan is “crisis.” It would take only up to six weeks to send a country into crisis, explained Bezmenov. The crisis would bring “a violent change of power, structure, and economy” and will be followed by the last stage, “normalization.” That’s when your country is basically taken over, living under a new ideology and reality.

There was a manufactured pandemic which led to a real change in the power structure when government, all Western governments became dictatorial. This has resulted in us living in a normalised state of acceptance.

The people are too cowed, bored and brainwashed to make any change. The Soviet Union may not be in charge, but something far worse is exercising power over us. Politicians who are beholden to the dictates of the United Nations, World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum are telling every one what to do and how to live. Whether it is living in Low Traffic Zones for their own good, driving electricity cars to save the planet and driven to poverty by following illogical net zero policies, clearly Bezmenov was right.

The trouble is that demoralisation was ‘irreversible’ and that America was done. To look at the state of that country now that is probably correct and it would take generations to recover. Right now facts are ignored, feelings and opinions are paramount.
This is where we are now.

It is worth taking the time to watch the interview The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion