The Alliance of British Drivers, The Motorcycle Action Group and Fair Fuel share all the important stories about motoring, the environment and politics whic affect us all on a day to day driving basis. Here are the headlines and the links you need to find out the truth.

Global Climate/ Social / Political Developments:

  1. Another Meter Of Snow Hits The Alps; Europe’s Crop Losses Worsen:
  2. Europe Breaks Historic Low Temperature Records amid Spring Snow Falls On Major Cities:
  3. Antarctica is colder and icier now than at any time in the past 5,000 years, says new study:
  4. Back-To-Back Bumper Snow Seasons; European Cold And Snow Persists Into May; +El Niño End:
  5. Global hurricane activity not worsening. You would never know it, listening to the “mainstream media”:
  6. New Paper Finds Effect of Human-Caused Carbon Dioxide Emissions on Climate is “undiscernible”:
  7. Peer-Reviewed Scientific Evidence That CO2 Emissions Can’t Warm Atmosphere due to saturation. Nobel physics laureate Dr. John Clauser also expressed himself in terms that all can understand: “I assert there is no connection whatsoever between climate change and CO2 – it’s all a crock of crap, in my opinion.”
  8. Frost Damage Reported From FR To UA; Growers In Canada And Northeast Also Suffer; + Australia To Shiver Into May, Defying BoM Predictions:
  9. Ontario’s ‘SMART’ meter-administered energy pricing model is one to avoid like the Black Plague:
  10. Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Energy, on the energy transition, & implications of climate policies:
  11. New Study Identifies Big Reductions In Future US Natural Gas Emissions:
  12. Stationary Energy Storage Solution that Might Actually Work?:
  13. Wind Turbines Don’t Run on Wind; they run on subsidies:
  14. Climate change will not kill you… Human attempts to solve climate change very well may:
  15. Global BEV bubble bursting?:
  16. EV Giant Tesla Begins Mass Layoffs, Loses Two Top Executives:
  17. Breathtaking Ford US Q1 BEV Losses: $132,000 per BEV sale Q1 2024:
  18. US BEV “bloodbath” being hastened by (Chinese owned) Volvo by the back-door?:
  19. Overlooked socio-environmental costs of BEVs:
  20. European EV Bust a Red Flag for Climate Goals? Scientific, economic & political sanity prevailing?:
  21. Forget About Peak Oil; We’re not at Peak Coal Yet. China & India continue using rising amounts of it:
  22. Senior UN official admits ‘Net-Zero’a PR problem for climate alarm religion. Just ‘a problem’?:
  23. The Guardian reported that in 1949 RAF + international scientists experimented with artificial rainmaking:
  24. Washington Post Favourably Covers Geo-Engineering. That tells you all you need to know:

Recent Local/ National Developments:

  1. Ten times the cost of a gas-fired power station, but delivers half the output. Madness:
  2. Conservative backbenchers brand government’s Net Zero strategy as “out of touch” with the country:
  3. Hammersmith & Fulham council’s figures show in its 2 LTNs, 5 in every 6 PCNs illegally imposed on authorised vehicles, netting up to £1.5 million a month:
  4. Lambeth Council spent £2m of public money on LTN implementation consultants:
  5. Welsh Labour needs to stop LYING about reversing the absurd blanket 20mph urban speed limit policy:
  6. Stellantis boss: ‘terrible’ BEV rules will destroy the UK industry. Carlos Tavares speaks out damningly:
  7. Data reveals extent of UK electric vehicle battery fires: dramatic increase in 2023:
  8. Tory MP Says Government Needs to Wake up to Fire Risk From Electric Vehicles:
  9. Surge pricing manages demand, rather than maintaining supply, hammering the poor. There is only so much redistribution of wealth from poor to rich that the population is prepared to take:
  10. It has been known for years speed restrictions don’t improve air quality, yet the UK still spends money implementing such restrictions and fining people for breaking the speed limit:
  11. Those challenging A66 Northern Transpennine dualling/ upgrade should be held to account legally for every casualty occurring due to project delays:
  12. Parliament to debate carrying out independent review into Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTNs):
  13. In the Guardian, the National Grid is paying for shameless propaganda which does not stand up to scrutiny:
  14. UN’s Chris Stark says No to Net Zero Name, but keep the same policies, then everything will be fine:

Narrative Developments:

  1. Why there’s no need to be alarmed about unusually warm temperatures:
  2. The Renewables Scam & The Impossibility Of ‘Decarbonising The Grid’:
  3. Rushing to adopt heat pumps and EVs won’t make this country more energy secure but will risk blackouts:
  4. Energy Gang of 4 talk about the global ban plastics mania to & the inevitable horrible consequences of it:
  5. NOx Reduction Targets achieved 2 Years Ago & 7 ahead of target. So why more restrictions?:
  6. Britain’s roads have become so bad that they are even being scornfully reported in France:
  7. China now emits more Man-made CO2 than the entire developed world: two new coal plants every week:
  8. Mandating social changes to achieve net zero emissions is foolish & will not succeed:
  9. Avalanche Hits Kashmir; Mid-May Frosts Forecast For Europe; Prairies Plantings To See Snow Delay; +California ‘Snow Deluges’ To End by 2100, So Says New (BS) Study:
  10. Constant catastrophising of weather & climate thanks to bankrolling by a few fanatical billionaires:
  11. The aim of mass road transport electrification was always to reduce mass private car ownership & use; i.e., restrict mass personal mobility – welcome to climate serfdom. Accept or Reject – Your choice:
  12. Extinction Rebellion funder Sir Christopher Hohn funds UK100, to squeeze the public out of politics:
  13. ‘Socialist’ Belgian mayor orders police to shut down free speech event featuring Farage etc:
  14. Brussels police temporarily shut down the National Conservative Conference – @NatConTalk:
  15. Government has no idea of the cost of Net Zero, but will implement it anyway. Extremely bad government:
  16. The EU’s war on cars destroys its economic foundations. Attacks on ICEVs motivated by spiteful ideology:
  17. Canadian perspective on ICEV phaseout/ ‘Nyet Zero’ climate policies & Hague Court of Appeals filing by Lindzen, Happer & Koonin:
  18. Oil Field Leader Podcast: Reclaiming the Narrative (from irrational eco-alarmist nutjobs):
  19. Ronald Stein: Environmentalists’ silence on humanity and environmental atrocities:
  20. The Cornell ‘Fartbox:
  21. It’s not even worth bothering to set it up. Methane has a barely measurable effect on the terrestrial climate:… &