How many Airfix models did Free Car Mag make back in the day? Hundreds, possibly thousands, mostly badly, but the amount of fun we had was incredible. Here is a wonderful tribute which is perfect in every detail, something we can wear while making a mess in our grown up garage. Happy days, then and now. We love the details on the watches and the boxes, a stroke of real genius.


AVI 8 Airfix FreeCarMag 300x176 - AVI-8 x Airfix


AVI-8 is introducing a collection of special edition timepieces in a unique collaboration with Airfix, the UK’s oldest manufacturer of scale model kits. The collaboration represents a union of passionate craftsmen, historians, hobbyists and enthusiasts who are dedicated to replicating history’s most crucial air mechanical marvels.

With meticulous attention to detail and design integrity, every Airfix model encapsulates precision engineering and aesthetics, mirroring the commitment of AVI-8 to honour the aircraft of 20th-century military aviation. This exclusive partnership introduces watches created uniquely to commemorate the Airfix brand, aligning seamlessly with a curated selection of AVI-8 timepieces that highlight significant aircraft and moments in military aviation history.

The watches come beautifully packaged, reminiscent of familiar Airfix boxes that once housed the carefully detailed kits that they are renowned for. The collection includes 5 pieces, featuring a variety of movements including Japanese Meca-Quartz Chronograph, Dual Time Feature and Automatic with 3 Hands Date. The watches feature AVI-8’s classic collection featuring Airfix’s distinguished branding, celebrating the merge of two like-minded brands.

The AVI-8 x Airfix will be available from the 17th of May at, £210-335.