In the UK we love our convertibles, after Germany we are the biggest market in Europe for soft top cars. That’s probably because our climate is perfect. No really it is, mild most of the time and no chance of getting sun stroke. Indeed, if you have a roof and it isn’t pouring down, just crank up the heating and enjoy the fresh air. The only downside of a car with the roof missing is how it messes up your hair. Indeed, you get all sorts of buffeting and noise and it can all feel very uncomfortable at speed.

There is a solution to all this convertible distress and it is called a wind deflector. Many manufacturers fit them as standard, although they remain an expensive option on some models. That’s why if they are damaged the replacement material can be prohibitively expensive. We are often asked at Free Car Mag how to fix, replace or even make a screen. We do have a helpful suggestion and it is to pop over to the people at Flyscreen Queen

Flyscreen Queen have found that their ultra fine midge mesh is the perfect replacement for wind deflector material for the majority of convertible models. Find the wind deflector material here at Flyscreen Queen Car Wind Deflector Material at a fraction of the manufacturer cost.