Stickers, as we have seen recently, can get you into trouble and more seriously into prison. Despite that is, being 100% truthful. At Free Car Mag we are all about the truth so we are launching a small range of stickers that actually stick up for the Great British Motorist. Our intention is to be positive and only slightly negative about mister Khans anti-car measures which are adversely affecting all those Londoners who are unlucky enough to live within the M25.

Free Car Mag are on a budget of course so we can’t actually stretch to getting them printed in colour on special paper that will stick to anything like a proper sticker. Instead you will just have to download the image or screen grab it, then use your own precious ink and sellotape it to your windows or bumpers. Easy.

It’s a start. We are on a mission to make bumper stickers cool and communicative again. If you have better ideas then please let us know and we will add them to the collection.

There are no rules when it comes to stickers, just keep them brief and to the point. Anything that amuses and entertains is always and if the image is arresting, then you have a classic. No money it and very little fame. If any at all.

Get thinking and creating, please don’t use any of that new fangled AI nonsense which looks fairly creepy if not pure evil. Best to use your John Bull Printing set and some colouring pens to produce something amazing.

See the current selection below, just transfer them to your desktop or screen grab them.

We do plan to add to this collection over the coming months so please do check back or keep an eye on our news stories.

Good Luck.

Kahn meme copy 300x121 - Free Car Mag does StickersTaxation is Theft 300x266 - Free Car Mag does StickersOK to Drive 300x184 - Free Car Mag does StickersUlez meme 171x300 - Free Car Mag does StickersElectricCar 276x300 - Free Car Mag does StickersBangernomics is good for you 273x300 - Free Car Mag does StickersNet Zero Madness 300x261 - Free Car Mag does Stickersmotoring extremists 292x300 - Free Car Mag does StickersNot Zero 207x300 - Free Car Mag does Stickers