The UK’s fastest growing motoring association, MotorEasy has joined forces with the world’s leading publisher of workshop car manuals, Haynes to create a new Parts Only Warranty.

Mechanically minded car enthusiasts can protect themselves against the threat of expensive repair bills with protection against mechanical and electrical faults that includes a free Haynes online manual for their vehicle.

“MotorEasy helps replace the parts while Haynes offers the insight into how to fit them: it’s the perfect partnership for peace of mind,” explains Duncan McClure Fisher, MotorEasy founder. “MotorEasy exists to make member’s car ownership experience less stressful and more financially predictable. This is perfectly complemented by Haynes’ reputation for providing the motorist with invaluable support for over 50 years, helping keep vehicles on the road without spending a fortune on repairs. Together we are able to provide an evolving solution that’s perfect for encouraging basic car maintenance skills and offering experienced mechanics valuable support.”

Haynes publishes its manuals in print and online. It provides subscribers with a growing library of helpful how-to videos that can support the completion of more than 2,000 maintenance tasks, and its online manuals can help repair over 11 million of the vehicles currently on UK roads.

Members document the completion of their repairs using photos and videos, and have access to discounted rates at MotorEasy’s network of 10,000 UK garages should the repairs prove beyond their technical ability. These repairs can be carried out by an approved specialist at MotorEasy’s negotiated trade prices – passing savings directly on to members.

“This collaboration revolutionises the way car enthusiasts can protect themselves against the spiralling cost of expensive repairs and the support of MotorEasy and Haynes makes vehicle maintenance and repair a far less daunting prospect,” says Jeremy Yates-Round, Haynes’ Managing Director. “Haynes workshops have stripped down and documented over 300 vehicle models to help hands-on motorists. A Parts Only Warranty is a great, cost-effective initiative that is an extension of Haynes’ work, which we are delighted to support.”

The MotorEasy Parts Only Warranty covers failures caused by overheating; air conditioning problems; failures identified during MoT and servicing; emissions failures; in-car entertainment; recovery; and sat nav, subject to a free, initial health check prior to warranty commencement. Quotations and full terms and conditions can be found at