At Free Car Mag we have a very large soft spot for Seiko watches. Our own collection is well into double figures and there is a feature coming soon on our ’70s and ’80s classics. Meanwhile we are saving up for a top of the range Grand Seiko.Here is some great news with some fabulous additions to the great range.

The 1960s was a decade of unprecedented advances for Seiko Watches, in terms of technical development and design creativity, with the introduction of King Seiko timepieces leading Seiko Watch Corporation’s developments in world-leading technological precision. What set King Seiko apart from other Seiko collections and positioned it alongside Grand Seiko, was the fact that it showed the company’s ability to create beautifully designed and finished timepieces with high accuracy. The collection clearly demonstrated the high construction quality of Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking. Today, after more than half a century, the King Seiko collection continue to create powerful yet graceful designs.

There are four new additions to the King Seiko collection, including a timepiece commemorating the 110th anniversary of Japan’s very first wristwatch and three new offerings featuring a case size of 39mm.

King Seiko 37mm 110th Anniversary Limited Edition

The new King Seiko 37mm 110th Anniversary Limited Edition celebrates Kameido, the birthplace of the brand, where Japan’s very first wristwatch was born. The new timepiece displays their newly developed signature press pattern on a unique dark brown dial. It is inspired by Kameido’s legacy as ‘Turtle Island’ due to the island’s turtle shell shape. The turtle, being a powerful symbol of longevity and good fortune in Japanese culture, is incorporated throughout the design, connecting Seiko’s wristwatch making to Kameido’s heritage.

This limited-edition wristwatch features a new three-fold clasp with the King Seiko exclusive push button release and is accompanied by an additional strap made from calf leather. The timepiece is limited to 600 pieces worldwide, available from, £1,600. Please see high-res imagery and a press release linked here.

King Seiko KSK 6R 39mm Regular

A year after its successful relaunch, Seiko introduces into the King Seiko collection an entirely new 39mm case size. Though the dials are larger than those of their 37mm predecessor, subtle refinements to the deign and manufacturing maintain the graceful feel of the three new watches.

The indexes are bolder and include an additional facet to better reflect light, enhancing legibility. The lugs are wider, but the upper surface now has a hairline finish while the angular sides are polished, enhancing the contrast of the case. The new series features three creations in stainless steel with white, dark blue and green dials.

The slightly larger case size features the new Caliber 6R55, which comes with an increased power reserve of three full days (72 hours), which is achieved without compromising the watch’s sleek and dignified shape, nor its accuracy. The King Seiko KSK 6R 39mm is available from the, £1,700.