Driving charity Speed Of Sight and Landsail Tyres have launched a new partnership for 2018.

The Manchester-based organisation uses specially adapted high-performance cars to offer track day experiences for individuals with disabilities, including the blind and partially sighted. Landsail will support SOS in fundraising efforts and at awareness events.

Landsail will also provide tyres for its vehicles, which include a powerful unique kit car. Resembling a Caterham Seven, it has been adapted with dual controls including two steering wheels to allow disabled drivers to drive at race-speeds in tandem with an instructor.

Trusted by millions, Landsail offers one of the widest ranges of tyre sizes and types in the UK and will also run special limited discount offers in conjunction with Speed Of Sight during the partnership.

Speed Of Sight Charity CEO Mike Newman, who was born blind and holds the world record for the fastest speed driven by a man blindfolded (200.51mph) and the fastest speed piloting a boat blindfolded (93.58mph) said that the support of Landsail was very important to the charity’s work.

“I have always loved speed – and in particular being in control of speed,” he said. “But as a blind person feeding that passion is challenging.

“What Speed Of Sight does is make it much easier for individuals who may not be able to independently experience high-speed driving to enjoy the thrill of a track day.

“Having the support of an organisation like Landsail Tyres, which really understands what we are doing and more importantly, why we are doing it, is important. The nature of life is that to run a charity like this there are costs to meet and equipment we need.

“Partnering with Landsail, a brand that truly gets what our mission is, is a great step for us because we are working with a business that shares our goals.”

Peter Cross, Landsail’s UK Commercial Manager, said: “The opportunity to join forces with Speed Of Sight was one we simply couldn’t ignore.

“It is hard to imagine how it feels to want to feel the thrill of speed, the power of controlling a vehicle, without ever being able to do it.

“By supporting Speed Of Sight we hope to play a part in helping more disabled people break down that barrier and enjoy an experience that most people take for granted.”

To find out more about Speed Of Sight, for further information on Landsail Tyres in the UK, visit landsailtyres.co.uk