Free Car Mag just wondered, because things at Jeep have gone very quiet in recent months. So quiet in fact, that there was no one to answer our phone calls. It was the same at Hyundai. Perhaps there is a big story about to break and anyway We wanted to find out if the rumours we had been hearing were true. Is Hyundai buying Jeep?

Free Car Mag spent some time with a Jeep dealer talking about the state of the car market. Right now there are some sensational deals to be had on various models with savings of over £20K in some cases. If you want to know where to shop, then please get in contact, we have the names and numbers you need.

Hyundai have no shortage of off roaders in their line-up and very good they are too. The compact SUV Kona was a recent addition. All they really need is a well-known brand to give an extra marketing push. So what better brand to buy than Jeep?

Jeep seem to be an uncomfortable fit in the Fiat Group, they would be much better off with a cash rich, ambitious benefactor like Hyundai.

Hyundai have said they genuinely know nothing at all about this. All Jeep have to do is answer the phone. However, Fiat have recently said they do want to work with Hyundai in the future, FCA Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne is in talks with Hyundai about a technical link up. At the moment though, speculating what a South Korean funded 4 x 4 icon would do in the world, is getting Free Car Mag very excited.

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