HARD CELL will be available from Sunday 12th April on MOTORTREND, the new streaming service with the greatest selection of motoring shows

Electric cars aren’t on the way, they’re already here and there’s no disputing the environmental and financial benefits they offer. But so far, there’s been hesitation among hardcore enthusiasts who aren’t yet convinced that they provide the kind of adrenaline-fuelled experience that you can get from their non-electric predecessors. Can you really make an EV supercar, or an electric racing series, or simply head out into the wilderness for days on end with no charging points in sight?

In MotorTrend’s brand new series, performance car road tester and adventurist Tom ‘Wookie’ Ford is on a mission to discover whether there’s a future for good old fashioned excitement in the brave new world of next-generation electric vehicles. In each episode, the self-confessed ‘car nerd’ will interview those in the know, drive the cars that matter, and deliver a verdict on whether or not they measure up.

Exclusive Interview with Tom Ford coming soon to the next Free Car Mag