Tools for the Home Vehicle Mechanic

Every car owner would benefit greatly from being able to carry out maintenance and minor repairs in their own home garage. This can be a brilliant way to reduce your costs and many people find it incredibly rewarding to work on their own car. There will be a few key tools that you will need to be able to do this, read on to find out more.

Trolley Jack

A trolley jack is an essential piece of equipment that allows you to easily and safely lift the vehicle – this is important for a wide range of different maintenance tasks such as changing a tyre or changing the oil filter.


A creeper allows you to quickly, easily and comfortably get underneath the vehicle – it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous to lay on the floor so this is an important piece of kit.

Engine Crane

An engine crane, as the name suggests, allows you to safely and easily remove or install the engine using hydraulic cylinders. A lot of work is carried out on the engine so it is helpful if you have equipment that allows you to easily remove this key part.

Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches can provide great force and grip and will get used often when carrying out minor repairs or performing vehicle maintenance. You will want to make sure that you have the appropriate tool for the job by using buyers guides from SGS Engineering.

Ratchet & Socket Set

A ratchet and socket set is essential for any home mechanic and all good toolkits will need a high-quality set.

Spanner Set

Similarly, a spanner set is the backbone of a good toolkit and something that every homeowner and motorist needs and will get good usage out of over the years.

Bench Vice

A bench vice can act as an extra set of hands which is always helpful when working on cars, plus it can be useful for providing additional strength so it is a valuable piece of equipment to have in your garage.

Stanley Knife

Stanley knives always come in handy and will serve many different purposes when carrying out car repairs or doing any kind of DIY around the home.

Tool Chest

No garage is complete without a high-quality tool chest as this will help you to organise your garage and keep tools safe when you are not working on the car. Additionally, a tool chest allows you to keep your work floor safe and without any trip hazards.

First-Aid Kit

Following on from this, a first-aid kit is essential and you should not start working on cars without a fully-stocked first-aid kit nearby. Additionally, you should always make sure that there is someone around when working on cars in case anything were to happen.

Invest in the above items and you will have everything that you need to start working on cars. The internet is a brilliant resource for this and you can find easy to follow guides that will allow you to start performing maintenance and minor repairs.