High altitude living has never looked better, or more disturbing in this brilliant film, High-Rise and you can win the DVD

This is our favourite film so far this year. All you have to do is contact us and say what car is on the poster (Clue it is in the latest mag) and we will pick a winner (you have to be over 18 and resident in the UK). Then you may get to watch it on DVD. The basic story is that it’s 1975 and the wonderful Tom Hiddleston stars. Being Free Car Mag, we rather adore the 1970s setting and vehicles on the roof top car park. Not only that, there is music by Portishead. It is worth watching the film to hear their brilliantly doomy take on ABBA’s SOS.

What is the car on the poster? Contact us through the usual channels (email us your name). We have just three to give away.

Competition closes on 29th July. Winners will be announced on this page.