‘Justify nothing’ is the line being used by Mercedes-Benz to say that anything goes in modern life. Not sure why we need to know this and why it is remotely relevant when selling a car. Welcome to the slightly mad world of the ‘Woke’ super brand. They are so big they can tell you what to think, but if you do think otherwise then you are wrong. Keep your bigoted opinions to yourself.

Here is Mercedes-Benz justifying its new advertising campaign in America and Europe. “The aim of the B-Class campaign is to attract new customer groups to the sports tourer, and especially young families. They are addressed with a tonality that awakens positive feelings. The content’s insights into various life situations create a human-centred and authentic impression, with surprising moments.”

The TV spot will also be screened in German cinemas. In addition there are three 30-second product TV spots as variants of the long version: “Costume” is about a father who dresses up as a princess for his daughter. In the film “Kiss”, a “pregnant” couple unselfconsciously kiss in public. The TV spot “Prof” portrays a professor who takes his grandson to work with him. The three TVCs have different main themes – safety, MBUX (infotainment system) and practicality. “The campaign shows why the new B-Class is the ideal companion for a wide range of target groups,” says Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. “We also want to specifically address young families with the new model. This is why it was important to me and my team to position it as the perfect companion for every age and situation in life.”

So we have a man in dress taking his daughter to a party and another one with a dummy in his mouth whilst coping with baby care. Neither is funny and both are making points that the modern man is nothing more than a ‘cucked’ crossdresser. This is obviously how Mercedes can get away with seeing men these days. A grandad scenario is hard to argue with, but is unrealistic. A couple kissing, well good luck to them, bonus points for being fashionably mixed raced. What a confusing message from one of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers. Trying to second guess who your customers are going to be is a very dangerous game. Everyone is potentially a customer and best leave it at that. With this campaign, buyers are being effectively asked to agree with a political and social agenda.

All we want to know is, how big is the boot, can I afford it and is it economical?

Let’s all not justify buying a Mercedes-Benz.