The number of personalised videos sent to customers by car dealers and garages has topped a million a month for the first time. Over the last five years, the automotive industry has seen the use of video increase hugely, with UK-based provider CitNOW leading the way with its pioneering and easy-to-use technology.

The number of videos made by CitNOW in 2018 went up by 28% compared with 2017 figures and the personalised videos made by the service were viewed, in total, more than 20 million times last year.

In March this year, the number of videos the company produced was more than a million – the same number that CitNOW made in a whole year in 2014.

Personalised videos of the type that CitNOW makes are designed to foster transparency and trust between dealers and their customers. Car salesmen can send potential new buyers video footage of a vehicle they are interested in to make the purchase process quicker and easier.

Meanwhile, garage technicians can send video evidence of work that is needed to a customer’s car, rather than require them to trust verbal reports alone.

CitNOW CEO, Alistair Horsburgh, said: “Five years ago, we were producing a million videos for customers in a year. Now we’re making that number in a single month.

“These numbers are staggering and it just goes to show how the motoring industry in the UK has really embraced and adopted video, as well as the benefits it offers in a world where car buyers and workshop customers are time-poor but expect ever-increasing levels of service and transparency.

CitNOW is active in 55 countries across Europe, Asia and the USA and works directly with 43 major car manufacturers globally. The number of videos made for non-UK customers surged by 51% last year, compared with 2017.

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