Free Car Mag have discovered our new favourite vehicle. The completely restored and rebuilt classic Jeep Grand Wagoneer marks the rebirth of a legend, enhancing its capabilities with a powerful engine on a custom-built chassis.

Out of the three Jeeps VIGILANTE restores, the work done on the Grand Wagoneer is probably the most impressive. The SUV gets both cosmetic and performance upgrades, which make the ride feel more comfortable and powerful than ever before. The newly installed components bring the best out of the Grand Wagoneer.

VIGILANTE offers its customers the choice to select one out of three HEMI engines based on their performance needs. The powertrains range from 485 hp to 1000 hp. Moreover, EIBACH coil springs are added, with Fox 2.0 dampers to absorb any impacts. The new suspension replaces the standard leaf spring setup in the old Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

It is not possible to effectively stop a giant Grand Wagoneer using the Jeep’s old brakes. That is why VIGILANTE fits the SUV with brand-new BAER 6-piston calipers to aid with braking performance.

What’s more, the chassis is powder-coated and reinforced to withstand the immense amount of horsepower and torque produced by the modern HEMI engine.

VIGILANTE has 20 years of experience in the Jeep restoration field through its parent company Jeep Heritage. What drove the creation of the subsidiary VIGILANTE was the desire to go beyond a classic restoration: VIGILANTE focuses on completely reengineering the Jeep’s frame and performance while keeping the Jeep’s vintage aesthetics.

“We wanted to maintain the iconic design of Brook Stevens but dial up the spice to suit our needs.”
said Daniel van Doveren, CEO of VIGILANTE.

The company is a one-stop solution for all Jeep restoration needs. Not only do they beautify the exterior and interior, they also rebuild the entire chassis, so it can withstand the forces of modern powertrains. It takes meticulous research and hours of hard work to install a contemporary engine into a classic vehicle, but they take pride in being experts in such work.

The creation of this platform was a real challenge. It was complex and long, but the perseverance paid off. Thousands of hours of work were necessary and have been rewarded with this exceptional result that we are proud to offer through VIGILANTE

said Daniel van Doveren, CEO of VIGILANTE.

The VIGILANTE engineers and designers use modern simulation software programs to design the perfect mix between vintage soul and modern performance for their restored SUVs. The company specializes in rebuilding classic Jeep SUVs, especially those that Jeep produced between 1964 and 1991 (the Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wagoneer, and the Jeep J-Truck).

The aforementioned Jeeps are rebuilt on a bespoke chassis that is fitted with modern suspension, brakes and engines. When it comes to SUVs, power is everything. That’s why VIGILANTE fit their Jeeps with HEMI engines – the same ones that are found in today’s Trackhawk and Grand Cherokee SRT variants.

The company stays true to the classic design elements, and ensures it does not change anything that would alter the shape and feel of the vehicle.

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