Breaking down in the car is a situation that all motorists will desperately want to avoid and being aware of what the main reasons for breaking down are should help motorists to stay on the roads. Automobiles are highly complex machines and there are a wide number of reasons why they might break down – read on to find out what these are.

Most Common Reasons

The RAC and the AA deemed that battery issues were the main reason that people broke down at 18% while tyre issues closely followed at 13%. These were the main reasons, but there are a few other areas to be aware of such as alternator issues, starter motor problems and even lost keys. Usually, you can avoid issues like this by performing your own regular maintenance and making sure that you stick to the service schedule. Sometimes, though, tyre issues can occur seemingly out of nowhere which can be an issue.

Tyre Issues a Cause for Concern

In 2016, Auto Express reported that flat tyres were the number 1 reason for vehicle breakdowns so this is clearly an area that motorists need to be aware of. The fact that tyre issues were ranked so highly by multiple top-rated breakdown cover specialists suggests a lack of knowledge amongst today’s drivers in how they can look after their tyres as well as the importance of carrying a spare in case they suffer a puncture.

Interestingly, this has led to the development of run flat tyres which are now included with many new modern vehicles. Run flat tyres, as the name suggests, are designed to keep working for a short period of time even when they are punctured, allowing a motorist to continue driving to the nearest garage or to their home to change the tyre. Tyre blowouts are a major concern when it comes to punctures, but this is not an issue with these tyres because of the way in which they are constructed.

How Run Flat Tyres Work

Run flat tyres allow a car to continue driving safely after a puncture due to the use of a reinforced sidewall. Run flat tyres contain rubber inserts which hold up the weight of the vehicle for a short period of time – typically, you can travel another 50 miles but it is important that you do not go over 30mph.

It is clear that there are a handful of reasons why a car might breakdown but battery issues and tyres are the most common reasons. When it comes to tyres, modern-day motorists can benefit greatly from driving on run flat tyres which will enable them to continue safely driving for a short period of time even if they have a puncture, allowing them to return home or get to the nearest garage.