It’s nice to get some good news for a change and here is quite possibly the Free Car Mag book of the year written by David Milloy. We had sort of fallen out of love with F1, but this is our sort of fun, plus it is educational too.

The book runs to over 50,000 words and contains a wealth of information about F1 – from stray priests to six-wheelers – that spans its 70 years. And courtesy of Marcus T. Ward, it also contains several excellent images of some seminal F1 cars through the ages.

Also, David is such a nice chap that the simple act of buying this book will help others. Half of David’s income from the sale of each book will be given to charity.

It’s now available on Amazon or those who have a Kindle device (and therefore a Kindle e-mail address) can purchase it directly from David using Paypal. Either way, the price is £4.00.

Find it right here

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