Car Parts 4 Less polled Brits to find out what their dream car would be and why. Choosing between some of the biggest car brands in the world, the research revealed that the British public’s most desired car brand is an Audi (11%).

Top ten most wanted car brands:
Audi (11%)
BMW (10%)
Jaguar (7%)
Mercedes Benz (6%)
Ford (6%)
Aston Martin (5%)
Ferrari (5%)
Porsche (4%)
Mini (4%)
Toyota (4%)

Amongst common reasons given as to why they chose the car they did, was the quality of the car, along with a lavish interior and exterior quality – the Audi TT, BMW Sport and Jaguar E-Type all got a specific shout-out.

When asked about the colour they envision their dream car to be, black took the top spot (24%), with silver coming in second place (17%). When breaking it down by gender, women’s third choice of dream car would be in red (13%), compared to men who would rather opt for blue (12%).

Placing high in the list, alongside some of the world’s most luxury car brands, Ford was revealed to be a brand not to be underestimated. Despite its mainstream presence the research showed it’s still hugely desirable; the brand came in at fifth place on the most wanted list, over Aston Martin and Ferrari. With the Ford Fiesta having sold 120,525 units last year in the UK alone2, and the research showing that 18% of Brits own a Ford already, it’s clearly a popular choice.

Delving deeper into where the biggest fans of the American motor brand reside, the research revealed that Sheffield is the city with the most Ford owners (29%), with almost 1 in 10 of these vehicles being a Fiesta model (9%), and the favoured colour being silver (23%). Glasgow (11%) is the city owning the most Audi’s, and Belfast (9%) own the most BMW’s.

A spokesperson for Car Parts 4 Less commented on the findings: “Is Audi the new Bugatti? Perhaps drivers are looking for more everyday makes and models nowadays instead of dreaming of some of the more classically luxurious brands like a Porsche or a Ferrari.

“With Audi’s subtle good looks, renowned interior comfort, cutting-edge technology and green credentials3, it makes sense that a practical, yet beautiful car is what Brits want sitting on their driveway.”

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