Free Car Mag has well know reservation about robot cars, but this looks like fun as a sort of full scale Scalextric. The robot car looks really cool too.

Roborace names Michelin as its official tyre partner. Michelin has been working secretly at its testing facilities and sharing over 125 years of its expertise with Roborace to develop an exclusive solution for the ultimate ‘Robocar’, designed by Daniel Simon, which will feature next-generation Michelin road tyres to be used in the series.
Roborace partners with the best suppliers in the world to push the limits of autonomous development to places never imagined. The tyres are critical as they must be capable of handling the speeds and rigours of a new format of racing when the Roborace series begins. Equally, the tyres must be suitable for use on standard road cars, as one of the key goals of the series is to develop software and hardware that accelerates the speed to market of driverless technology that will benefit the end consumer.

Michelin is the third global partner to be officially announced by Roborace, after Nvidia, which will provide Robocar’s A.I. brain with Drive PX2 technology, and Charge, the smart electric truck maker which will supply all power electronics.

Michelin is one of the world’s most prominent tyre manufacturers and has a long tradition of involvement in motorsport. The French firm is also founding partner and exclusive tyre supplier to the FIA Formula E Championship featuring full-electric cars for which Michelin Motorsport has developed the revolutionary energy-efficient MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV2.

Roborace is currently in its Beta season appearing at Formula E circuits for exhibitions using its development car ‘DevBot’. The official unveiling of the championship’s Ultimate car will take place in 2017.

Roborace, as well as being a driverless racing series, provides a platform for the world’s most innovative technology and for automotive companies to test and explore their hardware and software capabilities aimed at helping accelerate their speed to market.

Roborace is documenting the entire process of bringing together the world’s first driverless electric racing championship. The series – Inside Roborace – is available on demand on YouTube and the latest episode on Friday December 16th focuses on the development and testing of Roborace’s specific Michelin tyres at the French company’s base in Clermont-Ferrand.