At Free Car Mag we have been keeping a close eye on developments when it comes to getting cars to customers in the simplest way possible.

PEUGEOT has launched a revolutionary e-commerce capability, the world’s first all-encompassing online car-buying process, under the banner “Order Online by PEUGEOT”. User-friendly and intuitive to navigate, Order Online by PEUGEOT represents the first time that every step in the buying process can be completed in one place online, in one sitting.

The system offers an unrivalled level of flexibility, putting the consumer firmly in the driving seat during the purchase process; customers can build a car which meets their specific requirements, secure a guaranteed part exchange valuation for their existing car, and fund the vehicle according to their individual budget criteria, using a range of finance package deals.

The system is now live, meaning that customers can browse PEUGEOT’s model range and save details in their own, password-protected account, allowing them to think about the purchase before ‘clicking to buy’, or starting the configuration process again from the start to compare packages and cars. With a completely new web interface, built in-house by the PEUGEOT team, it is entirely feasible for a customer to go through the whole process from end-to-end, and order their dream car, in less than 30 minutes. With no need to visit a Dealer to complete finance paperwork, this “buy at home” capability remains unique in the market.

David Peel, PEUGEOT UK Managing Director, said: “The launch of our e-commerce system represents a huge step change for the UK automotive industry. The retail landscape in general has changed immeasurably over the last few years and we are not only proud to be the first car manufacturer to offer customers a truly end-to-end experience, but also honoured to be the first of PEUGEOT’s markets to unveil the system.

“Traditionally, car buyers can find visiting a Dealership daunting. With e-commerce by PEUGEOT, that pressure to make a decision is removed; the customer is in full control and can deliberate all they want over spec and finance decisions, change their minds and retrace their steps as many times as they wish.

“If, having browsed the model range, selected their car and found a finance package that works for them, customers want a test drive, they can still arrange this before committing to a purchase.”

The PEUGEOT system automatically filters the best available options for the user, based on the criteria they set. This process allows customers to reach the “magic moment” – the instant they decide to press the button to buy the product – at their own convenience.

The system even makes taking delivery of a new car convenient, allowing customers the option of either picking it up from their local PEUGEOT Dealership or having it delivered to their door.

Finance deals are also available immediately online through e-commerce, meaning that customers can make informed decisions without having to wait and search separately. The part exchange element of the system is underwritten by trusted partner, Manheim.

And the real measure of success? The system was quietly launched last week, and within 12 hours the first order had been placed, with others following quickly. The range of cars ordered spans the PEUGEOT range, from 108 to the all-new 3008 SUV, and the profile of customers is equally wide, with a range of ages and demographic profiles proving that this system will have wide appeal.

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