New for 2023, this expanded version of Lesser Spotted Classics not only features an additional four cars but also revises and updates the data (and some of the text) from the original (2021) edition. If you rather enjoyed the original then there is every possible reason to update, because chances are you have worn it out or lent it to a scoundrel friend who has pretended to lose it so he does not have to give it back.

As with the original, it tells the stories of some great cars that you’ll struggle to see on UK roads and features bespoke illustrations by Russell J, Wallis, a very talented motoring illustrator with a degree in automotive design. It’s fun, original, and crammed with information. Actually the Wallis artwork is probably the best bit.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know which car featured in a memo to President Jimmy Carter from his National Security Adviser, which manufacturer bought back not one but two models from customers, or which manufacturer of a Mini-based car offered a De Tomaso badged model in its range then this is the book for you.

New cars in this edition are: Avenger, Chevette HS/HSR, Princess, and X1/9. There is data and rewrote segments of the text.

As usual Milloy proves what a good egg he is because, 25% (usually more…) of royalties will go to charity.

Praise for the original edition of Lesser Spotted Classics:

“David Milloy’s excellent and informative words are complemented by Russell Wallis’ delightful illustrations” – Classic.Retro.Mod

“A bargain” – Auto Express magazine.

“You’ll love this book” – Petrolblog.”

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