It is the archetypal sports car for everyday driving, and a style icon that is unmistakable as both the face and heart of the Porsche brand: the 911. In Zuffenhausen, the one-millionth model rolled off the production line – a Carrera S in the special colour “Irish Green”, with numerous exclusive features following the original 911 from 1963.

The 911 is the ultimate sports car for many enthusiasts and the quintessential Porsche. It embodies the company’s tradition of exceptional engineering and truly timeless styling. Air cooled, ‘flat’ six cylinder engine not only makes a distinctive sound, it is mounted where the boot ought to be has caused ‘tail happy’ handling for a generation and the belief that only ‘real’ drivers could actually tame them. Certainly no other sports car delivers such high performance thrills, yet provides consistently reliable transportation. It is the most practical of sports cars. The 911 has been successful because it has gradually evolved over three decades. Each model better than the last in some fine detail although there will always be stand out examples such as the 2.7 RS Carrera in 1973 and Turbo in 1974. Although the 911 is now a very different car from the ‘60s original the same spirit of performance, build integrity and style remain. The 911 is a true automotive legend.