As the final luxurious finishing touch to any motor, you simply can’t beat acres of hide, well that’s what we think at Free Car Mag anyway. Keen to keep your leather looking good Autoglym has launched its epically-effective Leather Clean and Protect Kit onto the world.

Properly cared for, leather truly is the most hard-wearing and comfortable of all interior finishes. However, being a natural product, it needs regular care and maintenance to keep it looking at its best. Over time, that gorgeous, matt ‘as new’ finish becomes burnished by the battering of many busy behinds, leaving it shiny and somewhat less attractive than it once was. Then, on top of that, there’s dirt, oils, grease, your lunch, and whatever it was that the kids dropped there on that last roadtrip. Little wonder then, that your leather needs a little luxuriating from time to time.

The Autoglym Leather Clean and Protect Kit offers everything needed to bring leather back to life in a comprehensive 2-stage kit. Having worked with the many household-name car manufacturers that it proudly supplies, Autoglym has created a kit that works on every kind of connolised automotive leather to leave it looking, clean, immaculate – and smelling like you’ve just driven out of the showroom. Best of all, this kit can wind back the clock to get you ‘back to matt’ – with just a little investment of time and effort.

Once vacuumed and prepped, first of all, the 500ml leather cleaner supplied, combined with your own elbow grease and a clean sponge, soon gets the leather perfectly clean. Once dried with the Hi-Tech Aqua Dry cloth included, you’re then ready to break out the Perfect Polish Applicator and lovingly apply sparing quantities of the supplied 500 ml Leather Care Balm. Try not to get too carried away at this point, as you’ll be basking in the rich aromas that greet the trim shops at Newport Pagnell and Crewe on a daily basis, but if you work through that sensory overload while drying your seats with a microfibre cloth – then you’ll be ready to stand back and admire your beautiful interior.

A must for concours purists, an essential for those that like to keep their motor pristine, but also a very good idea for those that just want to keep their interior – and car’s resale value – in good order.

Kit Contents

500ml Leather Cleaner

500ml Leather Care Balm

1 x Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry

1 x Perfect Polish Applicator

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