MotorEasy has moved into the ‘connected car’ market with the launch of a new, world-first warranty product that includes a plugin car diagnostics tool to offer drivers an ongoing ‘health monitor’ for their cars.

The fitC plugin device connects directly to the engine’s ECU via the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port to provide instant diagnostic data, previously inaccessible to drivers without paying for a diagnostic service at a garage, directly to the user’s smart phone.

The product’s early warning system means that potential faults can be identified before the vehicle breaks down, potentially saving motorists’ time and money.

After a fault is detected, it is flagged in the connected app and fitC connects drivers to convenient, trusted repair centres via the MotorEasy service desk.

The introduction of fitC heralds a new era of vehicle repair and maintenance in which vehicle owners have vastly more information at their fingertips. A vehicle’s health can be monitored continually and issues can be identified before they cause costly damage.

Innovative car ownership and maintenance start-up, MotorEasy, has a nationwide network of 10,000 garages, to which customers can be connected via the fitC app.

The company’s concierge-like service can arrange for any work required to be carried out at a conveniently local workshop or customers can arrange for their car to be picked up from their home or workplace and returned after repairs.

From the first day of purchasing the fitC product, drivers will be covered by MotorEasy’s leading warranty scheme, which includes a free health check and complete wear and tear protection.

Duncan McClure Fisher, MotorEasy founder, said: “Lots of people have warranties, which are great for offering protection against unwanted repair bills.

“But now we’re able to help motorists avoid even getting to the stage where they need repairs because we can help them predict faults before they happen, using our on-board telematics technology.

“It’s the best of both worlds for the driver – heading off problems at the pass and protection if the worst does happen.”

Alongside fault notifications, the fitC telematics technology can measure the battery status of a car, offers a ‘find my car’ feature and delivers ‘Driver Behaviour Scoring’ to improve safety and reduce fuel consumption. The device also reminds drivers when their car is in need of a service.

The fitC component is included under a new MotorEasy warranty scheme, available as a 24-month or 36-month contract.

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