Second-hand car sales are booming, but buying a car is one of the most nerve wracking and costly purchases most of us will ever make and with millions of cars for sale, finding the right one, and the right deal, can be difficult. Car customiser and builder Helen Stanley and classic car expert and dealer Paul Cowland are teaming up in brand new series MOTOR PICKERS this November, to clear up the confusion and help prospective buyers navigate the motoring maze.  Free Car Mag has interviewed Paul and Helen and it will be featured in the next issue.  

Helen designs and builds bespoke cars for demanding clients and knows how to deliver exactly what they need. Paul has been trading motors his entire life and knows a thing or two about putting the right drivers in the right cars for the right price. Together they scour the used vehicle market, to offer buyers three options and one wildcard that just might be their dream car. 

 Each episode introduces a buyer with a unique brief and specific type of vehicle in mind. Helen and Paul then search the used vehicle market, to offer buyers their own pick of the three best in class options, ranging from a variety of budget SUVS, high-end sports cars, hot hatches, as well as track day cars. Using all their motoring know-how, Paul and Helen also cast their expert eyes over the practicalities and the finances.   

 Then it’s over to the buyer who must whittle the line-up down to one; but in a final curve ball they will be thrown an exciting wild card option. So, will they go with their head, or their heart? 

The MOTOR PICKERS duo will also equip viewers with top tips and tricks to ensure they’re getting the perfect vehicle – suited to their needs and budget. With a bit of banter, plenty of honest advice, and of course, a competitive edge, this expert duo is a match made in motor heaven!

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