We love a bit of Bond at Free Car Mag and he’s been front and centre on our covers and in so many features over the years. Here is though a brilliant resource to occupy your lunchtime, or whenever you have a spare for minutes to check out what old Bond has been driving on the ground, flying in the air or the Commander has been charting on the high seas.

Car Leasing service, Leasing Options created a comprehensive guide to the Bond vehicles of the past, where you can actually compare all 10 of Bond’s Aston Martins, including the 3 other DB5’s which featured in GoldenEye, Thunderball and Skyfall.

Leasing options has painstakingly been through every single minute of every single Bond film at least 3 times over so that you can explore the stats for every single vehicle Bond has been behind the wheel of since 1962: https://www.leasingoptions.co.uk/drive-to-a-kill/index.html

Give it go for yourself right here…