Real-life testing of Cataclean on a fleet of diesel-fuelled vans in London commissioned by fleet management ARI and conducted with the RAC, ARI’s roadside assistance partner, resulted in a 24 per cent average reduction in emissions, a 9.7 per cent improvement in fuel economy and a direct benefit to the diesel particulate filter (DPF) service life/regeneration cycle.

In February and March this year, fleet management company ARI, commissioned a study for one of their customers undertaking infrastructure work in and around London. The study recorded the emissions and fuel consumption data of five untreated 2016-registered Peugeot Partner HDI vans over a four-week period. The same vehicles were then treated with Cataclean and analysed for a further four-week period where they were driven under the same typical stop-start driving conditions. The mileage covered in both periods was 6,800 miles.

Test results:

NOx emissions were reduced by 16 per cent
Carbon monoxide was reduced by 24 per cent
Hydrocarbons were reduced by 32 per cent
Fuel economy was improved by 9.7 per cent
The interval between each DPF regeneration process increased by 21 per cent, from every 169 miles to 215 miles. DPF service life increased by 1,344 miles to 124,224 miles.

Based on 10,000 annual mileage, a fleet of 400 diesel vans such as the one in the ARI study could save in excess of £70,000 in the first year on fuel saving alone by using Cataclean, even taking into account the cost of the Cataclean treatments. Such a fleet would also benefit from reducing the number of DPF regenerations and the subsequent reduction in downtime as well as emissions, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

“Urban air quality is an increasingly high priority in the automotive industry, but even more important when it comes to light commercial vehicle fleets, which are likely to operate within cities. Let’s not forget that small businesses as well as bigger fleets (+25 units) rely on their vehicles to function and prosper: we hope these findings come as positive news,” says Graham Fraser, corporate development director at Cataclean Global Ltd.

“ARI is constantly looking at ways to improve the performance of its customers’ fleet and benefit the bottom line. We’re obsessed with data!” commented Matt Cranny, operations director at ARI. “We were keen to put Cataclean to the test on the streets of London and are convinced by the results. Besides the impressive fuel economy and emissions performance, the van drivers in the study reported improved drivability, claiming that the vehicles seemed more responsive and that they noticed they did not fill up as much.”

Fleet operators can purchase Cataclean in 500 ml bottles for their petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicles from many retailers, including Halfords and other auto stores. It is also available online at