Here is the best video you will see all year. If you loved the film and Free Car Mag certainly do, then this is super cute and super clever. All we need is a Lego Michael Caine.

So what makes the actual film so good? Well, three plucky little motors are up against almost impossible odds, as well as the Mafia, helped only by a bunch of bobble hat wearing football fans.

The beauty of the stunt set-pieces, and this is pretty much all the chase scenes are, is that they are real. There’s no CGI trickery, just the Jules Rimet stunt team dicing with death. Indeed, when the cars have to jump between roofs, they genuinely had no idea whether they could do it. Mucking about with Corgi Toys was all very well, but only when they slammed down on the roof in a shower of sparks could they crack open the champers – which they certainly did.

The chase lasts a good half hour and the end is of course a proper cliff hanger. A bit like any important football tournament usually is when England go out on penalties.