We love the Fiat 500 and wish it all the best for its 60th. Indeed, in Issue 48 we did a rather lovely retro spread as Fiat toured their classic and modern 500s around Europe.

The 500 is certainly a miracle of Italian design, but also, and above all, a car that has improved the lives of millions of people. It has accompanied the economic recovery, put Italy on four wheels and was then exported all over the world. So much so that today, 80 per cent of 500 cars are sold outside Italy and it is the leading car in Europe, first in eight countries and on the podium in six more.

The Fiat 500 has become a true icon thanks to its functionality and innovative shape and technologies, which can be seen in its design, unmistakable bodywork and versatility of use. With a permanent place in the collective memory of mass-market products with a soul and a strong personality, for decades the 500 has been an object lesson in car design, influencing and shaping the forms and contents of most modern utility models. The 500 regained great cultural relevance for the entire automotive world in 2007, with a major step forward in technology and form enabling the new model to achieve worldwide success. An immensely valuable heritage that few car manufacturers can boast.

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