Well this is slightly weird. Leasing Options decided to find out our favourite film scenes with cars in them and then get children to perform them. Maybe it is the school holidays and they were free. At least it is funny.

The nation’s favourite car scene

With a resoundingly large proportion of the poll, 24.7% of the vote, the most popular car scene in the UK was the exploding van scene from The Italian Job. This was followed closely by the time-travelling DeLorean scene from Back To The Future (20.2%) and the Bohemian Rhapsody scene in Wayne’s World (17.9%).

Runners up included the flying scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (17.7%), the T-Rex chase scene in Jurassic Park (15.5%), and the Thunder Road race from Grease (15.1%).

The top automotive characters

We then asked the public which character from our film shortlist they’d most like to play. Back To The Future’s loveable everyman Marty McFly came out on top, followed by the ever-cool James Bond in Goldfinger, and cockney bad boy Charlie Crocker from The Italian Job. Runners up were the super-slick Danny Zuko in Grease, the classic Michael Knight in Knight Rider and James Bond in Spectre.

There was considerable disagreement between men and women in this category though. Females were far more likely to vote for Danny Zuko than men (27.9% of the female vote versus 9.6% of the male vote), and the same went for Caractacus Potts of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang fame (17.3% versus 7.3%).