Free Car Mag adore Guy Martin and are very pleased to announce that he is back on the box and back in your favourite Free Car Mag. The programme sounds rather brilliant and here is just what is occurring in episode one.

Truck mechanic and motorcycle racer Guy Martin sets off to explore the biggest country in the world, in his own unorthodox fashion. Entering Moscow shortly after the Salisbury poisoning and at the height of diplomatic tensions, this very British daredevil ignores the headlines and investigates Russia by going on some unusual adventures. He gets a lesson in Russian politics when he rides with the Night Wolves, Vladimir Putin’s biker gang, and finds out about law and order when he interviews two young ‘rooftoppers’ who evade the police while trespassing on skyscrapers. In the Moscow Metro, Guy learns how British engineers helped to create one of the world’s most spectacular underground railways. Feeling at home in Russia’s capital, Guy then persuades a mysterious figure to let him drive his Zil – a priceless Russian limousine built especially for presidents and prime ministers – through the middle of Red Square. His visit to Moscow concludes with a passenger ride in an old Soviet air force jet plane, an experience normally enjoyed by wealthy Russians. And with Russian flying instructors apparently surprisingly willing to hand over the controls, Guy ends up performing his first ever aerobatic display in a 500mph aircraft

Watch Our Guy in Russia from Monday 16th July at 9pm on Channel 4