Drivers of Ford cars across Europe will be the first to benefit from a pan-European personalised video service launched by the manufacturer.

Watch the system in action with Ford right here

Ford VideoCheck is a new service that allows Ford technicians to send videos from their workshop to customers to visually show them the extent and cost of any work required to their cars.

Personalised videos are sent to customers’ smartphones, tablets or computers and allow them to approve work to their cars at the touch of a button.

The service, designed to improve trust and transparency between dealer garages and customers, will be available in 14 countries – including the UK – from Spring 2017.

Ford piloted the technology, pioneered by British technology firm CitNOW, during the last six months and is now installing the system in up to 1,650 Ford dealerships across Europe.

John Cooper, vice president of customer service at Ford of Europe, said: “VideoCheck has enormous potential benefit both for our customers. The technology demystifies the vehicle repair process, fully involving customers and developing their sense of trust and rapport with our staff.”

Nick Pratt, managing director international markets at CitNOW added: “The relationship between garage technicians and customers is, traditionally, fraught and often one that is laden with mistrust.

“By using video technology, Ford is now able to show its customers what work needs to be done to their cars and why. Drivers no longer need to take the garage’s word for it and can enjoy the peace of mind that their money is going to good use.”

CitNOW is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK and its work with Ford of Europe forms a significant part of its expansion across Europe and globally. CitNOW entered the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track at number 19 in 2016 and works with 35 OEMs globally.