If Free Car Mag had a bigger budget it would probably look a lot like Drive Tribe’s new app which you really should download.

So if you’re the type of car geek who likes nothing better than to while away the time watching drag races, driving fails, ridiculous mods and supercars, you could well find yourself addicted to this highly snackable App. Developed by DriveTribe, the automotive social media platform backed by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Joyride is rammed-full of car related videos, pics, weekly challenges and quizzes.

Alongside a stream of posts from some of the car world’s best known social media influencers, the App serves up a daily dose of shareable features like Roast My Ride and Spotted. Roast my Ride operates like Tinder for cars. Is it ‘hot’ or ‘not’? James May’s Phantom Rolls Royce sits in 2nd place as the most Roasted Ride, heading up a long list of supercars, mods, cammo-wrapped beasts and every-day hot hatches. App users (or Riders as they’re known), who fancy their chances, can post a picture of their car for fellow Riders to pile-in with admiration or, more likely, a torrent of roasts – so far over 4 million have been cast in a little over 3 months.

Joyride also offers Riders the chance to share pictures of cars and win prizes, by taking part in its weekly ‘Spotting’ challenge. Each week Joyride ambassadors, social media influencers and the occasional celebrity, set the task, be it a supercar, new car release or obscure rarity. Be prepared for global competition, ‘spots’ have been posted from the outback of Australia to the high rises of Dubai and LA.

For those that really like to show-off their car-geekery, there’s a daily stream of motoring quizzes, including several live-stream broadcasts every week.

As Lucy from the Joyride team said, “this is the first actually fun car App; almost too much fun for the palm of any one hand. Be prepared for sharing, roasting and burning-up all comers with your high-octane motoring knowledge. Both car enthusiasts and gamers alike will find their daily motoring fix on the go.”