Here is the best trailer we have seen in ages. We have mentioned the story before. Here is an all-important teaser trailer. We look forward to further instalments.

It was last September when Bridgestone first introduced its exciting project to use the latest technology to produce new tyres for the legendary Jaguar XJ220. This new tyre development has been craved by the owners of these classic cars for some years.

Four months, 17 specs and hundreds of laps later, the prototypes have been produced, evaluated, and tested, and the final tyre has now received a huge vote of approval not just from the Bridgestone engineers, but from Justin Law; and no-one has driven the XJ220 further than Justin.

Thanks to his active participation in this project, it was possible to ensure that the new tyre out-handles and out-performs the original tyres that were fitted to the car.

Justin said: “It’s not just about knowing tyres, this is about knowing everything about the car and how it is supposed to handle. I’m one of the very few people that have been lucky enough to drive this car regularly during the last 23 years, and I’ve covered more than 100 000 miles.

“But don’t just take my word for it” he continued, “with Bridgestone we brought the engineers and test drivers from 25 years ago back together, so we were pretty much guaranteed to do the job right.”

“A project this exciting though doesn’t deserve to be secret” added Christophe De Valroger, Vice President Consumer OE at Bridgestone Europe “car lovers everywhere acknowledge the appeal of the Jaguar XJ220 and its history, and for that reason we decided to tell the whole story in film.”

This Friday, March 24th at 11:00 CET join Justin, Don and the Bridgestone development team alongside Andy Wallace, John Nielsen, Alastair Macqueen and Shinichi Watanabe together with Don’s original pre-production car, chassis no. 004 and relive the experience.

The Jaguar XJ220 is finally rebooted, the legend lives on.