Citizen X Star Wars Tsuno Collection. This exciting collection features 4 timepieces in all, each with a vintage design inspired by Citizen’s famed 1972 model known as the Tsuno Chrono, thanks to tsuno “horns” placed on both sides of the 12 o’clock position. Each watch in the collection draws aesthetic inspiration from a different iconic character in the vast Star Wars universe, including Darth Vader, R2-D2 and C-3PO.

With a refined look and feel making them suitable for everyday wear, these stunning retro pieces have a fun, conversation-starting twist upon closer inspection. RRP from £249
Citizen watches star wars 300x153 - Film Fans Perfect Gift on the Wrist from Citizen

And from the Star Wars galaxy to the Marvel universe, Citizen’s Marvel collection features a wide array of character-inspired designs. From Thor to Hulk, whether you’re a Spider-fan, or find yourself rooting for anti-hero Deadpool, there is a watch for every allegiance in this collection, including one celebrating the most recent entry in the Marvel film canon, Black Panther. RRP from £249.

An afro-futurist interpolation of the Black Panther mask makes this beautiful watch a truly special gift for fans of the franchise. The silver-tone Super Titanium™ case features a grey resin stamped bezel, and a black 3-hand dial with date that is finished with a sapphire crystal and showcases the legendary embossed Wakanda battle mask under luminous hands and markers. The silver-tone stainless steel bracelet fastens with a fold-over clasp and push buttons. The case back further emphasizes the majesty of T’Challa with the engraving, “Wakanda Forever. The special packaging includes a Marvel collector’s card illustrating the Black Panther’s superhero speed in his Wakandan Vibranium suit, made of a magnificent metal that is strong and lightweight, just like Citizen’s proprietary Super Titanium™ technology. This exceptional watch is powered by light with Eco-Drive and never needs a battery. A good man with a good heart (and a good watch) can be a good king. RRP £399
Citizen Watches marvel 212x300 - Film Fans Perfect Gift on the Wrist from Citizen