We don’t do car ads at Free Car Mag, except now we have. A friend of the Mag is selling their pride and joy and here Rich explains what it means to him. He is after offers around £10K, but contact us and we will pass them on.

Considering our current issue has a strong 5 Series theme, this seems very appropriate to us….

BMW 5Series 300x169 - BMW for Sale

“When I sold my Dodge Charger I wanted a drivers car.

“Right hand drive manual, something I’d never owned before. I ended up with a short list in three columns, AWD Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive.

“My choices came down to a VW Corrado VR6, an Audi S6 Quattro and a BMW of some description.

“While looking for BMWs I saw a picture of what would become my car, a 1986 E28 535i SE which is as far up the scale before you get to an M5. The stance was perfect and it was love at first sight. I had a great exchange of emails, pics, details etc with the owner and then I took a one way train journey to London with £3,500 in my pocket (which gives you an idea of how prices for these cars have gone up in 5 years), the car was even better than I imagined. Smooth power delivery, superb handling and response from the upgrade suspension and brakes. I drove the 300 odd miles home in one go with a smile all the way.

“He was honest about the fact it needed a new exhaust which was fine, I got a great new system from Fritzs Bits with really let the engine breath, third gear went on for ages after I fitted the new pipes.

“The only other major component I have replaced is the starter motor, apart from that and regular servicing all I do is put fuel in and drive it.Best Weekend Whip I’ve ever had, reliable and over engineered beyond excellent.

“I bought it thinking I’d keep it for a year and then sell it to get the next car on my list, that was 5 years ago.

“I love this particular car and I’m genuinely gutted to see it go but there are lots of other cars on my list that I need to get to so onwards and upwards.”