Writing a good used car advert is all very well, but these days having a film that you can upload to Facebook, You Tube or Twitter is a huge help to getting buyers interested in your motor. We chatted Andrew Howells, founder at CitNOW who is the market leader getting cars on film and then sold. He told us how it is done.

One of the most popular tools among motor manufacturers and their dealer networks is video. More than 35 manufacturers are using this worldwide to increase consumer trust through the transparency offered by being able to access video footage of cars that are on sale or from the servicing team to clarify the work required to keep their cars in optimum condition.
This same system can also be accessed by owners seeking to make dealers aware of – and interested in – their own cars, through the CitNOW Trade In app, available in the App store. While you don’t need to be a videographer to make your video attractive to dealerships, there are a few ways in which to make the most out of a video presentation of your trade-in car:

1. Give it a spring clean – Not only do you want to show off what a great car you have, but also a clean and tidy part exchange makes a huge difference to a dealer. You wouldn’t sell your house with empty drinks bottles on the floor or ketchup on the carpet so don’t do it to your car. Make sure you clean all of the interior surfaces to get rid of any mess or dirt and do the same with the exterior. You would be surprised how much a video shows up dirt and dust and you’re far more likely to get a better price for your car if it looks impressive.

2. Highlight any flaws – The use of video is a great opportunity to create an honest and strong rapport with your chosen dealer. The more detail you give them on any defects on the car the more accurate a price they will be able to give you. But remember, this is also a great opportunity to show off your pride and joy. Does it have immaculate bodywork or perfectly kept allows? Don’t forget to mention these and show them off using this visual tool.

3. Steady! While a tripod is an easy answer to producing steady video, you’ll be using your iPhone or Android device to film your car video. For this, that is just fine. Move around the car without being anchored in one spot but try and keep the device as steady as possible. You can do this by getting your body in positions so that every breath you take doesn’t lead to unwanted camera motions.

4. Location, location, location – If you pick a background for the video which is too messy or dirty your video will look unprofessional from the start and it will not allow the dealership to get a clear view of the subject in question. Try and find somewhere outside rather than a cluttered garage. This will not only improve the scene of the video but the lighting too – a dark area will never make a good video.

5. Check your audio – Audio levels are vital to the success your video has and can also be your worst enemy. Always check that audio output is working correctly on your device. Also make sure to scan the environment as even the slightest noise can be detrimental to the overall audio quality. For example, shelter the microphone from wind noise, keep away from busy roads and don’t leave the engine running.

By seeking out tools like the free-to-use CitNOW Trade In app, car owners and the motor industry that serves them can work together better in the battle to minimise the ever-increasing burden that is being placed upon car ownership. Encouraging trust and transparency in this way will always reflect well – on camera or off it!
The CitNOW Trade In app is free to download and easy to use. You can create a professional presentation in under three minutes with built-in audio instructions. For more information visit www.citnow.co.uk