Three classic motors have been brought back to life in just three months for the first ever eBay Car Challenge using only parts and accessories from eBay.

A Volkswagen Beetle, Riley Kestrel 1300 and Triumph GT6 Mk3 were restored in painstaking detail after their owners saw off hundreds of other amateur restorers to secure a £4,000 restoration budget provided by eBay.

The 1971 Beetle – AKA Godfrey – has been restored by the Challenge’s youngest competitor, Robyn Avis-Smith, an engineering student from East Sussex. The classic Vee Dub was a shell on wheels when Robyn entered the challenge. Since then, ‘Godfrey’ has been rebuilt completely, including a new, beefed-up engine that turned out to be cheaper than repairing the original one. Robyn even polished up her embroidery skills to overhaul the interior, stitching a bold white stripe into the back seat.

As well as the world’s most prolific production model, the eBay Car Challenge also involved a rare 1968 Riley Kestrel 1300. Essex-based restorer Charlie Renwick inherited the British classic from his great grandmother. His first task was a daunting overhaul of the Kestrel’s suspension, but it was the detailed touches that made the project special. Charlie sourced original replacement door handles, a walnut gear stick, the “1300” badge – even original BMC green paint for the engine block.

The final challenger was David Newell’s glorious Triumph GT6 Mk3. The “poor man’s E-Type” had bravely battled on as a daily drive, but he entered the eBay Car Challenge in a bid to put an end to ‘Little Red’s’ rust problems and replace much needed parts. After battling with fused nuts, he poured “blood, sweat and tears – literally” into the Triumph, replacing both rear wings among hundreds of new parts.

David will be displaying his GT6 at this year’s Silverstone Classic (29-31 July), which eBay is supporting as the official parts and accessories partner.

While at the Classic David will be talking through the trials and tribulations of his restoration project at eBay’s RESTORATION LIVE stand. RESTORATION LIVE will also host racing team owner and professional restorer Fergus Walkinshaw, who will lead a team restoring an iconic first-generation Range Rover in just three days using only items bought from eBay.